Manufacturing & Bioproducts

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    Paul Bennett

    Science Leader, Clean Technologies

    Dr Paul Bennett is the Science Leader for Clean Technologies. Paul has spent over 25 years working on a range of fuels, biofuels and bioenergy issues. He has worked as… Read more

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    Katharine Challis

    Theoretical Physicist, Clean Technologies

    Katharine is a physicist specialising in the use of advanced mathematical and computational methods for explaining and predicting complex behaviour in physical systems. She is currently interested in energy processes… Read more

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    Bernie Dawson

    Scientist & Team Manager, Wood and Fibre

    Dr Bernie Dawson is a scientist in wood processing research. He specialises in coatings and surface technologies that improve the performance of wood in service. Bernie’s current research is focused… Read more

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    Lloyd Donaldson

    Senior Scientist & Project Leader, Commercial Microscopy

    Dr Lloyd Donaldson is a leading microscopist specialising in wood formation and wood ultrastructure, and has pioneered techniques in confocal fluorescence imaging of wood and biomaterials.
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    Elizabeth Dunningham

    Scientist, Research Leader, Durability and Wood Modification & Project Leader, Wood Modification

    Dr Elizabeth Dunningham is a wood scientist specialising in wood modification treatments. Her experience includes research in many aspects of wood and composite performance assessment, including stability and weathering.Read more

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    Grant Emms

    Research Leader, Wood Processing

    Dr Grant Emms is a physicist specialising in acoustics. He helps to develop grading systems for the sawmilling industry that measure the stiffness of structural timber using sound waves. Grant… Read more

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    Daniel Gapes

    Research Leader, Clean Technologies

    Dr Daniel Gapes is an environmental engineer with an impressive record of developing innovative technologies. He is currently leading Scion’s environmental technology research, aimed at developing new ways of managing… Read more

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    Douglas Gaunt

    Science Leader, Wood and Fibre

    Doug Gaunt specialises in all aspects of timber engineering and leads research into new timber products and systems. He played a key role in developing and commercialising timber grading systems… Read more

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    Florian Graichen

    Science Leader, Biopolymers and Chemicals

    As Science Leader – Biopolymers and Chemicals my goal is to bring Scion’s Biopolymer and Green Chemicals disciplines together and to develop and influence commercial solutions for Scion’s forest industry… Read more

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    Warren Grigsby

    Senior Scientist & Research Leader, Chemical Synthesis and Design

    Dr Warren Grigsby is a chemist with specialised experience in polymers and adhesives. His research focuses on developing wood-based materials and composites that incorporate high-performance bonding agents. Warren is leading… Read more

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    Peter Hall

    Senior Scientist & Project Leader, Renewable Energy

    Peter brings practical experience to his research as he comes from a forest management background, with skills in forest establishment and harvesting. He now specialises in resource assessment and use… Read more

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    Stefan J. Hill

    Scientist; NMR Spectroscopist; Research Leader, Advanced Chemical Characterisation

    Dr Stefan Hill specialises in the area of Solid State and Solution State NMR of organic materials and Synchrotron based X-ray diffraction techniques for nanostructure investigation and determination. He is… Read more

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    Gareth Lloyd-Jones

    Science Leader, Biotransformation

    Dr Gareth Lloyd-Jones is a biochemist specialising in industrial biotechnology. His research focuses on microbial organisms and enzymes associated with the degradation of organic matter.Read more

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    Kim McGrouther

    Scientist; Research Leader, Industrial Ecology & Team Manager, Biotransformation

    Kim is a chemist with broad experience in industrial processing. Since joining Scion in 1991 her research has focused on oxidative pulp bleaching and waste water treatment for the pulp… Read more

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    Karl Murton

    Research Leader, Pulp, Paper & Pilot Plant Facilities

    Dr Karl Murton is a chemical engineer specialising in mechanical pulping technologies. He is researching the production of useful extractives from wood as part of the biorefinery process.Read more

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    Kate Parker

    Scientist & Team Manager, Biopolymers and Chemicals

    Dr Kate Parker is a chemist who is developing new packaging materials using biomaterials. Kate’s particular field of interest is biopolymer foams as alternatives to expanded polystyrene.Read more

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    Steve Riley

    Scientist & Project Leader, Wood Drying

    Steve Riley leads the wood drying programme at Scion. This research, conducted in partnership with the wood processing industry, has significant impact on the value and performance of sawn timber… Read more

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    Lou Sherman

    Research Leader, Packaging

    Lou Sherman is the Packaging Research Leader at Scion with a background in packaging development, this includes 10 years of experience working for food and pharmaceutical companies both in Europe… Read more

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    Tripti Singh

    Senior Scientist & Project Leader, Bioactives & Wood Protection

    Dr Tripti Singh specialises and leads wood protection research. Her expertise includes wood durability, timber treatments/remedial treatment, bioactive molecules, fungal enzymes, and wood preservation/protection standards. Tripti is also involved in… Read more

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    Dawn Smith

    Senior Scientist; Research Leader, Polymers and Composites; Project Leader, Packaging

    Dr Dawn Smith specialises in the synthesis, characterisation, and formulation of polymers. Originally from the US, she worked in the biomedical device industry in R&D and new product development (CIBA… Read more

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    Ian Suckling

    Senior Scientist; Research Leader; Project Leader, Bioenergy and Biofuels

    Ian is a chemist with specialised experience in pretreatment of wood fibres for industrial processing. He has worked closely with the New Zealand pulp and paper industry to optimise their… Read more

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    Glenn Thorlby

    Molecular Biologist/Biochemist; Research Leader, Industrial Biotechnology; Project Leader, Molecular Discovery

    Dr Glenn Thorlby is a molecular biologist with specialised experience in gene discovery and functional genomics. Hisresearch is focused on molecular biochemistry and genetic engineering. His current role is leading… Read more