Carel Bezuidenhout



Dr Carel Bezuidenhout is a complex systems analyst with practical hands-on experience in agri-industrial supply chain research. Carel and his team’s research at Scion concentrates broadly on improving current forestry supply chains; assessing value chain improvement opportunities, and analysing national and international market forces and opportunities for the New Zealand forestry industry.


  • PhD (Production Forecasting), University of KwaZulu-Natal – 2005
  • MTech cum laude (Engineering), Durban University of Technology – 2000
  • BSc (Statistics & Computer Science), University of Potchefstroom – 1995

Research capabilities

  • Supply Chain Analyses
  • Integrated Systems Modelling
  • Industrial Data Analyses
  • Complex Systems
  • Applications of Operations Research
  • Network Analyses and Graph Theory
  • Transport & Harvesting
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Mechanisation

Career highlights

  • Honorary associate professor in engineering at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (2014 – 2017)
  • Associate of the University of Tasmania (2016 – 2018)
  • Associate professor in engineering and research fellow of the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (2002 - 2014)
  • Supervised 11 PhD and 25 masters degree students
  • Published 44 journal articles
  • Extended research sabbatical periods spent in the UK: University of Cranfield (Supply Chain Management), CIRAD-France, University of Mauritius and the Mauritian sugar industry
  • Participant in the 1994 SANAP programme to Antarctica

Selected papers

Bezuidenhout, C.N, 2016, Quantifying the degree of leanness and agility at any point within a supply chain. British Food Journal, 118(1):60-69.

Sanjika, T.M., Bezuidenhout, C.N, 2015, Driving factors-based approach or identifying performance indicators in sugarcane supply and processing systems, British Food Journal, 117(6): 1652 – 1669.

Bezuidenhout, C.N., Kadwa, M, Sibomana, M.S., 2013. Using theme and domain networking approaches to understand complex agriindustrial systems: A demonstration from the South African sugar industry. Outlook on Agriculture, 42(1): 9-16.

Sibomana, M.S., Bezuidenhout, C.N., 2013. Statistical evaluations of sugarcane quality, deterioration and the impacts of weekend logistics in a commercial sugarcane supply chain. Sugar Industry 138(1): 30–35.

Stray, B.J., van Vuuren, J., Bezuidenhout, C.N., 2012. An optimisation-based seasonal sugarcane harvest scheduling decision support system for commercial growers in South Africa. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 83:21-31.

Bezuidenhout, C.N., Bodhanya, S, Brenchley, L., 2012. An analysis of collaboration in a sugarcane production and processing supply chain. British Food Journal, 114(6):880-895.

Kassim, A., Workneh, T.S., Bezuidenhout, C.N., 2013. A review on postharvest handling of avocado fruit. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 8(21): 2385-2402.