Robert Lei



Rob is an experienced business development manager with a deep technical background in environmental technologies. He is passionate about sustainable technology innovations, which he conveys through his responsibilities to drive new business opportunities and lead technology commercialisations at Scion. Starting his career as a chemical engineer, Rob has spent over 20 years working internationally in private and public sector roles, including utilities, consultancy, contracting, as well as the current research and development arena. From these experiences he has developed strong skills in traversing the divide between the technical and commercial worlds, translating complex science and technology concepts to solving real life problems.


BE (Hons) (Chemical & Process Engineering), University of Canterbury, 1997

Research capabilities

  • Extensive knowledge of water and wastewater treatment processes through a wide range of experience in applied research and operations for both industrial and municipal applications.
  • Considerable experience of technology scale-up, design and development of pilot plant facilities.

Selected papers

Aggrey, A., Dare, P., Lei, R., Gapes, D., (2012). Evaluation of a two-stage hydrothermal process for enhancing acetic acid production using municipal biosolids. Water Science and Technology, 65, 149-155.

Gielen, G J H; Love, S R; Lei, R J; Gapes, D J; Strong, P J; McGrouther, K G; Stuthridge, T R; . Wet Oxidation Technology – A potential biosolids management alternative. IPENZ Engineering treNZ. IPENZ Transactions 2011/12

Allen, D.G., Gapes, D., Jack, M., Lei, R., Stuthridge, T. (2012). Where are the Opportunities for our Environmental Technologies as the Forest Processing Industry Moves Towards a Biorefinery. Plenary address at 10th  IWA Symposium of Forest Industry Wastewaters, Conception, Chile, 8-12 January 2012.

Aggrey, A; Gapes, D J; McGrouther, K G; Lei, R J; . Wet Oxidation of municipal biosolids in New Zealand. An overview. Water New Zealand Annual Conference 2010, IWA session.