Grant Emms



Dr Grant Emms is a physicist specialising in acoustics. He helps to develop grading systems for the sawmilling industry that measure the stiffness of structural timber using sound waves. Grant has also taken a lead role in developing acoustic insulation systems for wooden buildings.


  • PhD (Physics), The University of Auckland, New Zealand - 2001
  • MSc (Hons) (Physics), The University of Auckland, New Zealand - 1993
  • BSc (Physics), The University of Auckland, New Zealand - 1991

Research capabilities

  • Use of vibration, acoustics and ultrasonics to measure properties of wood
  • Use of microwaves to non-destructively measure moisture content, grain angle and other properties of wood
  • Sound insulation of lightweight timber buildings, including airborne sound and structural vibration transmission

Career highlights

  • Technical lead in the development of the A- Grader timber stiffness acoustic grading technology, including on-going technical support and technology improvements.
  • Principal scientist in industry-funded project- ‘Maximising impact sound resistance of timber framed floor/ceiling systems’
  • Council member of the New Zealand Acoustical Society and assistant editor of the society’s journal ‘New Zealand Acoustics’
  • Technical lead in the ongoing development of focussed-beam microwave technologies for use in the wood processing industry

Selected papers

Emms, G W; Walther, T (2010). Flanking Transmission Measurements: Part 1- Measurement Techniques. Building Acoustics, Volume 17, Number 1, Pages 15–34

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