Forest Research Announces New Brand

30 May 2005

The Crown Research Institute formerly known as Forest Research has announced that it will now be operating under the new trading name of “Scion”.

The new brand signifies the latest in a series of bold steps by the Rotorua-based organisation to lead New Zealand in biomaterial science.

Chief Executive, Dr Tom Richardson says that the biomaterial science capability at Scion springs from a long history of research into plantation forestry, wood and fibres.

“The name ‘Scion’ speaks of inheritance and new growth, which is what our biomaterials strategy is all about – we are building on the legacy of our past to create a new kind of future,” Dr Richardson explains.

“We have extended our expertise in forestry and wood science to facilitate the development of new biomaterials made from renewable plant resources, that can be used as alternatives to non-renewable products,” says Dr Richardson.

The organisation officially launched their Biomaterial Futures strategy in 2003, and the new brand signifies the extent to which this vision has become a reality.

Biomaterial research capability at Scion has been strengthened by investment in new staff, new partnerships and specialised equipment.

“Our strategy has attracted a number of senior and young scientists who are excited about the vision of creating tomorrow’s products from renewable materials.”

Dr Richardson says that many of these younger scientists are from overseas, or are New Zealanders returning home, eager to further their careers in a field of research that is globally significant.

Scion’s business model recommits the organisation to their traditional roots and the organisation will continue to provide R&D for the forestry sector.

“As a Crown Research Institute, we have a key responsibility to enhance the existing sector to which we are aligned. We are meeting that commitment through Ensis, our joint venture with CSIRO in Australia, which has created one of the largest forestry focused R&D entities in the world,” Dr Richardson explains.

Minister of Crown Research Institutes, Hon Steve Maharey, says that Scion is not just about having a new name - it signifies a new effort to move beyond current horizons.

“The new brand makes a bold statement about the organisation’s commitment to build on existing expertise to develop new and innovative products for the benefit of New Zealand’s forestry sector and the wider New Zealand economy,” Mr Maharey says.

Scion will be launched to clients and stakeholders in Wellington on Wednesday 1st June 2005, from 5.30 pm and Auckland on Friday 3rd June 2005 from 7.15 am.