University timber designs receive Scion award

1 October 2005

Three University of Auckland School of Architecture students have been awarded prizes for their individual timber designs from Crown Research Institute, Scion.

Rajneel Prasard, Mark Craven and Bojana Djokovic are the 2005 recipients of the Scion Timber Design Studio Award and they will each receive $400.

“The judges were looking for the innovative use of wood in an architectural design and a clear understanding of timber as a building material,” says Scion Senior Scientist for the Built Environment Unit, Karen Bayne.

“We don’t always award three works but this year the designs were exceptional,” says competition judge and Senior Lecturer at the University, Dr Garry Tonks.

The winning designs included temporary shelters for the Pacific Islands, a marine laboratory and a residential building.

The Scion Built Environment Unit offers expertise in the construction of buildings; ranging from acoustics to building codes, as well as infrastructure and urban spaces.