Scion and CSIRO strengthen commitment to Ensis

20 September 2006

Crown Research Institute Scion and Australia’s CSIRO today announced a re-organisation of its unincorporated joint venture, Ensis, in a move that streamlines management, support services and governance, and takes the business into a new phase of development.

A number of these arrangements can be implemented immediately. In particular, the closer integration of Scion, CSIRO and Ensis allows the two roles of Ensis CEO and Scion CEO to be performed by one person.

These roles will be performed by the current Scion Chief Executive, Dr Tom Richardson.

As a consequence of this decision, and by mutual agreement, the current Ensis CEO, Larry Little, will finish his contract on Monday 18 September 2006.

Scion Chairman, Dr Russ Ballard, says both Scion and CSIRO are committed to Ensis as the best way to build forest and forest products research in both countries and the management change is a reflection of that commitment.

“Ensis has had a busy, successful and challenging year as it reaches the end of its first full period as an expanded entity,” says Dr Ballard.

“Of key note during the past 12 months has been the development of Ensis’ strategic plan which is aimed at providing leading research and development to lead the New Zealand and Australian forest industries into the future. The focus is now on the implementation of this plan.

“A survey of the sector confirms our own beliefs that Ensis is beginning to deliver real value to industry in both countries, and we are looking forward to taking the unincorporated joint venture to a new level.”

Dr Ballard says Larry Little has played a key role in the development of Ensis.

“Larry has been Ensis’ CEO since August 2005 and in that time has overseen its expansion and the development of science synergies between both countries, along with the development of the Ensis strategic plan,” he says.

“Both Scion and CSIRO would like to thank Larry for his service over the past 13 months and acknowledge his achievements during this time.”