Our Vision

Prosperity from trees
Mai i te ngahere oranga

Our vision story

Maori legend tells how a mighty tree created a world that people could live in by pushing the sky and land apart. At Scion, we know that trees create more than just a liveable world, they create a prosperous one.

Prosperity comes in many forms. Forest products contribute economic wealth by being New Zealand’s third largest export earner. We see the potential for so much more. We add to regional and national prosperity by devising new and clever ways to use trees to build a bio-based economy.

We cannot achieve this by ourselves. We work closely with industry to lift forest productivity and manufacturing to new levels. Together we can get more out of every tree, from its bark to its fibres. From these fibres we can create biomaterials. From the chemicals stored in tree cells we can create energy to replace fossil fuels.

We extend New Zealand’s reach by extending our own. Scion is creating new technologies and products by partnering with overseas companies and research organisations. We talk with global thought leaders; we understand future markets to generate new opportunities; and we help to attract investment. Everything we do is about making New Zealand a great place to live, do business and make our customers more successful.

Prosperity grows from a healthy environment. Trees provide a valuable way of using land while protecting it at the same time. As part of our land’s rich mosaic, forests can stabilise soil, lift water quality, store carbon and support biodiversity. At Scion, we provide the science to make sure that healthy environmental choices pay-off for landowners as well as the nation.

New Zealand grows forests well. Wherever they grow, forests can provide jobs. Scion is working to ensure forestry jobs get better, safer and produce higher value, so all communities can prosper.

At home, trees are all around us. Most of our homes and much of our furniture are constructed from trees, or products derived from trees. Scion is working to ensure the products we use on and in our homes become more diverse and perform better.

When we step outside, trees provide a place for us to relax and enjoy. Our forests help to make New Zealand one of the world’s greatest adventure playgrounds. Scion aims to help keep it that way.

Trees are giants of the living world. They support life, protect land, are climate friendly and provide renewable materials and energy for people to use. At Scion, we stand tall among giants to create prosperity for New Zealand.