Facilities & Collections

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National Forestry Herbarium

This is a nationally important collection and database that specialises in plants significant to plantation and indigenous forestry in New Zealand. It includes native and amenity species. 

National Forestry Library

The library contains publications in a variety of formats that relate to forestry and wood processing research over the last 75 years. It represents the collected published heritage of forestry and related industries in New Zealand.

Quarantine Facility

A purpose-built building that provides for the containment of new or unwanted organisms. The facility also includes the Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory, which is registered as a containment facility for quarantine pathogens and pests awaiting diagnosis.

Forest Health Collections

These comprise internationally registered living collections of fungi (and bacteria); dried specimens of fungi and plant material containing fungi; and forest insects.

Wood Collection

Scion has an extensive Xylarium - a collection of wood samples covering thousands of species from all over the world. This collection can be used to compare with unknown timbers. 

Veritec logoVeritec Laboratories

Veritec is Scion’s analytical chemistry laboratory specialising in forestry-related samples and material testing. Veritec provides a variety of component level tests focused on soil, foliage, waste water, wood and wood preservation.