Veritec Laboratories

Veritec Veritec is Scion’s analytical chemistry laboratory specialising in forestry related samples and material testing. Veritec provides a variety of tests on solid biofuels, soil, foliage, waste water, biomaterials and wood preservatives.

Veritec has in-depth knowledge of forestry, biofuels and environmental needs through the expertise of our staff, Scion’s broad research capability and sample databases. Overview of Veritec's Analytical Chemistry Service [PDF] and Veritec Laboratory Services for Solid Biofuels [PDF]

Veritec’s tests and services include:

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Veritec is an active member of Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) and has certification through ASPAC for many tests.  Veritec also participates in an inter-laboratory comparison programme provided by Global Proficiency. The proficiency tests (WaterChek, SoilChek, PlantChek, Timber Preservation) provide the laboratory with independent assurance of the accuracy and reliability of our test results.

For more details or pricing enquiries, please contact Veritec:
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