Foliage Analysis

veritec foliage Nutrient levels in foliage give a good indication of nutrient levels in the plant. By conducting foliage testing, Veritec can help foresters and nursery owners determine whether their trees are lacking in nutrients. Customers include forestry companies and nurseries.

Determining nutrient levels in the foliage allows nutrient deficiencies to be addressed before they affect tree growth. Left unattended, nutrient deficiencies can result in smaller trees, which can negatively impact returns.

Veritec can also call on expertise within Scion to give tree growers access to the latest forest health research from New Zealand and around the world.

Veritec provides elemental analysis and fertiliser recommendations using an ICP-MS and LECO Carbon & Nitrogen analyser.

Basic Plant Test (N,P,K,Ca,Mg,B,Fe,Mn,Zn,Cu)
BPI Plant Test includes the above plus Al, Na & S (These include a fertiliser recommendation)
Carbon & Nitrogen
Moisture content
Loss on ignition and ash content
Calorific Value
Trace elements (Pb,Cd,Co,Cr,As,Ni) Other elements on inquiry.

Sample Types:  foliage, seedlings, wood

Foliage Sampling information [PDF]
Foliage Input Form [Word]
Foliage Soil Water Work Request Form [PDF]

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