Soil Analysis

Soil analysisMany of New Zealand’s plantation forests have a nutrient deficiency or imbalance with soil analysis not commonly used to diagnose nutritional problems in forestry. Increasingly though soil will be tested in long-term monitoring of forest sustainability.

Determining and treating an imbalance prior to planting can ensure optimal tree growth is achieved and overseas soil testing is becoming more widely used for predicting late rotation nitrogen and phosphorus response.

Soil analysis can be used to predict and define possible reasons for nutrient deficiencies or imbalances at any stage in the forestry life cycle.   

There are a broad range of aspects of soil management and it is important for us to clearly define the purpose of your request.

Veritec offers a range of analytical services on soil samples and is an active member of Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) and has certification through ASPAC for many tests.

Moisture Content
pH (distilled water)
Loss on ignition / ash content / organic matter
Particle density
Particle size (% sand:silt:clay)
Water holding capacity
Microbial C
Total Carbon & Nitrogen
Phosphorus – Bray P; Olsen P; Total P; Inorganic P; Organic P; P-retention
Bray Cations (Mg,K,Ca)
Cation Exchange Capacity and Base saturation
Cation Exchange Capacity
Mehlich 3 (B,Ca,Al,Cu,Fe,K,Mg,Mn,P,Na,Zn)
Hot water soluble boron
Other trace elements available by ICP-MS
Quick test (designed for nursery soils – includes pH, QT-P, QT-Na, Mg, K, Ca & results interpretation and recommendation)

Sample Types
Soils (sands, silts, clays)
Other miscellaneous sample types

Research staff
Forestry Companies
Mining Companies

Sampling Information 

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Soils Input Form [Word]
Foliage Soil and Water Work Request Form [PDF]

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