Timber Preservative Testing

timber preservationWood is often chemically treated to extend the service life by increasing its resistance to decay and insects. Timber is treated to different levels according various hazard classes and to end use. We perform testing for timber treatment plants, timber compliance consultants and building suppliers.

Veritec provides a comprehensive timber preservative testing service that determines the level of chemical treatment and guidance as to whether it meets the relevant standards.

As part of Scion, Veritec is able to draw on a wide range of expertise from other scientists in the timber preservation field.

The Timber Preservation Council can also provide further details about Timber Preservative requirements.

Boron, Copper, CCA, DDAX, Permethrin, Triazoles, Tin.

- Treated timber – including plywood, LVL, gluelaminated products
- Treatment solutions
- Wood samples from leaky buildings

Sampling Information
Refer to NZS 3640:2003 section 3.4.1 if sampling for compliance with this standard

Sawn timber samples should be the entire cross section and at least 150mm long.  Details of charge number, hazard class, species etc to be detailed on the work request form.

Leaky building samples should be taken from timber, avoiding areas with knots. Include information of whether timber was interior or exterior, structural function, any labelling visible on wood, age of building.

Work Request Form [PDF]

For more details or pricing enquiries, please contact Veritec:
Phone: +64 7 343 5400   Email: testing@veritec.co.nz