Solid Biofuel Analysis

Wood pellets

Wood fuels in various forms are increasingly used for energy production.

The sale and purchase of wood fuels has highlighted the need for the seller and the purchaser of wood fuel to be confident with respect to the description and quality of the wood fuel sought or supplied. 

The Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ) has developed guidelines for the classification of wood fuel.  These guidelines provide a common methodology for classifying, specifying and determining the quality of traded wood fuel in New Zealand. 

The classification of wood fuels is based on particle size, moisture content, ash content, bulk density and energy density.  Veritec offers a range of analytical services which cover the information required to classify the wood fuel. These tests are performed for: wood fuel providers, wood fuel users, engineering companies and district & regional councils.

Moisture Content
Particle Size Distribution (including fines amount)
Bulk Density
Calorific Value (Specific Energy)
Ultimate analysis (Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen content)
Elemental analysis (major and trace elements by ICP-MS)

Sample types:  wood chips, hog fuel, urban wood fuels, wood pellets, torrefied wood, firewood.

Sampling information
A representative sample, minimum of 4L is required
See BANZ guidelines for sampling methods.

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