2009 Media Releases

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20 Nov 2009  Scion supports Rotorua student to attend Copenhagen conference
Crown Research Institute Scion is pleased to be supporting Western Heights High School student, Phoebe Hunt as part of a delegation to attend the Global Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark next month.

17 Nov 2009  Pioneer in bioenergy crop research to share knowledge in New Zealand
Dr Emily Heaton, Assistant Professor of Agronomy at Iowa State University in the United States, will be sharing her research and experiences at a conference organised by the International Energy Agency (IEA) Task 30 in December.

8 Oct 2009  Scion announces positive result
Scion today announced a positive financial result for the company of $2.3 million net profit in line with the shareholding Minister’s expectations. Scion Chairman Dr Russ Ballard says the year has seen improved results for Scion, in terms of scientific achievements, financial performance, and reinforcement of the company’s strategic direction.

18 Sep 2009  Scion launches its annual Suffrage Scholarship
Scion has announced the launch of its Suffrage Centennial Scholarship for 2009. Applicants must be intending to commence a degreeThe scholarship aims to find an individual who is an academic achiever, but this is not the only consideration. Judges will be looking to identify someone who is an all-round performer. Candidates are also judged on criteria such as contribution to their school and the wider community, and career and study ambitions. Pupils who are not the very top achievers in their subjects should therefore not be discouraged from entering, the organisation says.

27 Aug 2009  Growing Short Rotation Energy Crops: The potential explored
Taupo plays host to a conference organised by the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy Task 30 organisation this December to examine the potential of short rotation crops (SRC) as a source of future energy supplies.

16 Mar 2009  Get Inside and Personal with a Termite
Scion scientist Dr Gareth Lloyd-Jones is leading the team of termite enthusiasts to construct a two metre wide by 10 metre long giant termite for Scion’s open day. Visitors will be able to touch, taste, smell and see all that is going on within the termite’s digestive system.

9 Mar 2009  B.Y.O. Bugs to Science in the Park
Bay of Plenty residents are being encouraged to explore the biodiversity that exists in their own backyards and bring along insects and fungi for identification by expert scientists at Scion’s open day.

2 Mar 2009  Pimp My Ride at Science in the Park
Scion scientist Dr Jonathan Harrington will be on-site at this year's Science in the Park, making mountain bike handle bars from radiata pine, illustrating the process of selecting lumber, turning it, shaping it into a desired form, steaming it and finishing the product.

24 Feb 2009  Modern Science on Show in Rotorua
'Science in the Park’ is a public event that provides everyone with the opportunity to learn more about modern science and about how Scion’s 300 scientists spend their day.

20 Feb 2009  The Worth of Waste
Scientists at the Crown Research Institute, Scion in Rotorua have come up with unique cost saving method of treating sludge from sewage treatment plants. And the first organisation to pick up the new technology is the Rotorua District Council who have contracted Scion to apply the technology to the sludge produced at the local wastewater treatment plant.

5 Jan 2009  Genetic Scientists Boost Knowledge Economy
A new collaborative research programme led by scientists at Crown Research Institute Scion could impact everything from the food we eat, to the things we make, and the medical diagnoses we undergo, by better managing genetic information.