Environmental Technologies

Technologies, such as water recycling, energy reduction, environmental remediation, carbon recovery, and waste conversion are needed to minimise ecosystem contamination. These reports describe the Waste 2 Gold programme and include waste water treatment/remediation and adding value to solid waste.

    Genetically Modified Forests: From Stone Age to Modern Biotechnology

    Rowland D. Burdon and William J. Libby
    This report traces the history of tree improvement, helping the reader to understand tree genetics, as well as real and imagined concerns of genetic engineering. Dr Rowland Burdon has been a researcher with Scion since 1964.

    CDVN Technical Bulletin No. 1. Pingao on Coastal Sand Dunes: Guidelines for Seed Collection, Propagation and Establishment

    Pingao is a common sand-binding plants that grows on or near coastal foredunes throughout New Zealand. This bulletin cover guidelines for establishing, propagation and weaving.

    CDVN Technical Bulletin No. 2: Spinifex on Coastal Sand Dunes: Guidelines for Seed Collection, Propagation and Establishment

    Spinifex is a coastal sand-binding plant that dominates the seaward face of coastal foredunes in the North Island and upper part of the South Island. This bulletin describes use of this plant as a sand stabiliser.

    CDVN Technical Bulletin No. 3. Sand Tussock on Coastal Sand Dunes: Guidelines for Seed Collection, Propagation and Establishment

    Sand tussock is a New Zealand perennial and sand-trapping grass. This bulletin provides guidelines for seed collection, propagation and establishment.

    CDVN Technical Bulletin No. 4. Coastal Sand Dunes: Form and Function

    This bulletin provides information on New Zealand’s coastal sand dunes. It describes the range of dune types, how they form and evolve, and discusses their importance as a significant feature of our natural environment.

    CDVN Technical Bulletin No. 5. Marram Grass:Friend or Foe

    Marram Grass is a tough, tussocky plant that was introduced to New Zealand to stabilise shifting sand, especially in conditions where native species cannot establish. This bulletin covers its identification, distribution and ecology. Useful for coastal land managers.

    CDVN Technical Bulletin No. 6 Measuring Success - Guidelines for the management of sand dune revegetation programmes

    Restoration of New Zealand’s sand dunes is focussed on revegetation. Well-organised monitoring programmes are required to assess the effectiveness of revegetation projects. This bulleting provides guidelines for these monitoring programmes.

    Environmental Effects of Planted Forests in New Zealand

    Piers Maclaren
    The environmental effects of forestry, with an emphasis on the conversion of pasture to pine trees. This bulletin provides a starting point for those involved in resource planning for forestry, especially afforestation of farmland.

    Pulp and Paper Waste Technology Assessment

    Results of the 2013 Waste Minimisation Fund Pulp & Paper Solid Waste Technology Assessment. Supported by the Waste Minimisation Fund, this study contains information on drying, vermicomposting, sludge dewatering, combustion, anaerobic digestion and composting
    Published Online - 2013. [901.8 KB] (pdf).
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