Fire Danger

Research reports related to rural fire danger in New Zealand. These include monitoring moisture codes in New Zealand pine plantation fuels, analysis of seasonal trends in the Drought Code and revision of the Fire Danger Class Criteria for Forest and Rural Areas in New Zealand.

    Validating the moisture codes of the FWI System in New Zealand pine plantation fuels

    Veronica R. Clifford & Stuart A.J. Anderson
    This study sought to undertake an investigation into validating the FWI System fuel moisture codes for New Zealand pine plantation fuels.
    Published Online - Sep 2009. [1.8 MB] (pdf).

    Analysis of seasonal trends in the Drought Code in New Zealand

    H. Grant Pearce and Meredith A. Whitmore
    Trends in DC values for a number of stations from several regions of the country were investigated to determine whether concerns that values of the DC component are increasing over time in New Zealand due to calculation issues, particularly a lack of annual re-setting, or possibly climate change.
    Published Online - Mar 2009. [2.2 MB] (pdf).

    Proposed Revision of Fire Danger Class Criteria for Forest and Rural Areas in New Zealand

    Martin E. Alexander
    An updated edition (with corrections, including an amendment to Table 1a) of Marty Alexander's 1994 report on the criteria used to define the fire danger classes in New Zealand. The report is divided into two separate parts for the convenience of the reader: Field Application, and Research Documentation. The Field Application section is for those interested only in the practical aspects of applying the criteria, whereas the Research Documentation section is for those who are interested in how the criteria were derived, and the procedures involved, mathematical analyses and associated philosophical discussion.
    [1.1 MB] (pdf).
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