These reports cover fuel load and how it influences fire behaviour. This research is beneficial to fire managers by improving the basic models used nationwide to determine fire behaviour and danger. 

    An interim investigation into post-fire fuel load recovery in tussock grasslands

    Veronica Clifford & Grant Pearce
    This study aimed to improve understanding of fire hazard in tussock grasslands by investigating fuel load recovery with time-since-fire.
    Published Online - Mar 2009. [3.9 MB] (pdf).

    Quantifying the change in high country fire hazard from wilding trees

    Veronica Clifford, Thomas Paul & Grant Pearce
    This report was prepared for the New Zealand Fire Service Commission Contestable Research Fund. This project aims to provide improved knowledge for fire and land managers on the growth and geographical spread of wilding conifers, and of the impacts of wildings and their control on risk of fires and the potential fire behaviour in the high country.
    Published Online - 31 Jul 2013. [1.7 MB] (pdf).
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