Social Fire Research


    Assessment of the general public's perception of rural fire danger communications

    Hide, S.A., Tappin, D.C., Langer, E.R., and Anderson, S.A.J.
    Members of the public were canvassed in the Canterbury and Northland regions concerning their understanding of fire danger communication. Three themes were explored during the interviews. Research recommendations will impact direction, education, and communication at a national level.
    Published Online - Dec 2010. [498.2 KB] (pdf).

    Communication of Fire Danger Warnings in New Zealand and Overseas

    Helen Bones, H. Grant Pearce and E.R. (Lisa) Langer
    An important element of fire risk management is the communication of fire danger warnings. This report summarises a literature review of existing methods of communicating fire danger in New Zealand and overseas. Little assessment has been done in the past on how effective these methods are in changing behaviour and reducing ignitions.
    Published Online - May 2007. [392.3 KB] (pdf).

    Wildfires and communities: International perspectives

    Helen Bones, edited and supervised by ER (Lisa) Langer
    This report summarises international perspectives on community resilience to, and recovery from, wildfires. While wildfire is not a natural part of New Zealand’s ecosystems, most of these findings are relevant to the wildfire problem in New Zealand, particularly those relating to communities living on the urban fringe.
    Published Online - Mar 2007. [399.9 KB] (pdf).

    Wildfires and Communities: Australasian Perspectives

    Laura Kelly, Edited and supervised by E.R. (Lisa) Langer
    National and international research on natural disasters was examined November 2004 – February 2005 to determine what information was available on community resilience and recovery after wildfire events in Australasia. This report provides a background to proposed research aimed at understanding alternative social recovery practices.
    Published Online - Mar 2007. [274.8 KB] (pdf).

    Overview of Rural Fire Insurance Issues

    Raewyn Graham and E.R. (Lisa) Langer
    This report analyses insurance against losses from rural fires and its impact on the recovery and resilience process of communities affected by rural fire events. The report reviews international studies which focused on insurance in relation to fires, as well as floods, in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.
    Published Online - Dec 2008. [827.6 KB] (pdf).

    Lessons Learned: Wither Hills Fire, Blenheim, December 2000

    Raewyn Graham and E.R. (Lisa) Langer
    This social study highlighted authorities and members of the rural farming community during the Wither Hills Fire, near Blenheim in December 2000. It describes a number of issues identified in fighting the fire and provides an insight into the lessons learned from the fire event that have relevance for all fire authorities.
    Published Online - Feb 2009. [1.2 MB] (pdf).

    Review of fire recovery planning in two regions of New Zealand

    Mary Hart, E.R. (Lisa) Langer, Muriel McGlone and H. Grant Pearce
    This report reviews the level of fire recovery planning undertaken in two regions in New Zealand (Canterbury and the Central North Island). It provides the basis for further research into the development of recommendations for improved rural fire community recovery methods.
    Published Online - Feb 2009. [396.3 KB] (pdf).

    Mitigating the risk of human caused wildfires.

    Mary Hart and Lisa Langer
    This report discusses wildfires with a direct human cause, through malicious intent, or carelessness and accidents by recreationists and landowners.
    Published Online - 1 May 2011. [569.6 KB] (pdf).
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