New Zealand’s energy security could be improved through expanded utilisation of forest biomass for energy. These stories highlight some of our supply chain and bioenergy research which can deliver power, heat and liquid fuels from woody biomass.  

    Locally produced liquid biofuels - the way to go!

    Scion has been involved in bioenergy and biofuels research for many years. With most of the country’s electricity derived from natural, renewable resources such as water, geothermal and wind, the focus of this work currently centres on liquid transport biofuels.

    Fuelling a greener economy

    A report released recently by the Royal Society of New Zealand calls on New Zealanders to take action against rising greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to curb global warming. New Zealand’s emissions are well above average for developed countries, and steadily rising.

    Pictures explain results

    Fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy have provided our scientists with new insights into the molecular interaction that takes place during the conversion of softwood biomass into simple sugars and lignin.

    Molecular motors drive energy technologies

    Scion may, at first glance, seem an unlikely place to house a team of theoretical physicists.

    Tapping into nature’s energy supply

    Highlights from our 2013 annual report: exploring and evaluating the production of biofuels and bioenergy as an integral part of wood processing.

    Biofuels from forest biomass moves toward commercial production

    New Zealand production of biofuels has moved a step closer with the successful development by Scion of a viable way to cost-effectively produce sugars from softwoods such as radiata pine.
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