Forest pest management

Scion assists forest growers and government agencies to manage issues relating to forest health in New Zealand.

We help to define management practices that can mitigate the negative impacts of insect pests, diseases or invasive weeds.

Our capabilities are focused in the following areas:

Pesticide application

We offer New Zealand’s leading expertise in pesticide application. Our research has enabled improved environmental and economic performance of both aerial and ground-based methods.

We specialise in developing cost-effective use of biological or synthetic pesticides in a way that maximises their efficacy and minimises unwanted environmental impacts. Much of this research is carried out in collaboration with PPCNZ.

Recent research focussing on managing weeds in planted forests has confirmed that most effective weed management treatment is the current industry standard, and that the risks to the environment are low.
Minimising the environmental impact of weed management in New Zealand's planted forests [789 Kb PDF]

We have projects that specialise in: