Climate change impacts on forests

Scion helps forest growers to manage the risks associated with weather and climate.

Higher temperatures, more rain and stronger winds are likely to increase risks from flooding, fire, weeds, forest pests and diseases.

On the positive side, opportunities could emerge for different tree species or enhanced growth potential.

Using our modelling capability, we can predict changes in productivity, pest and disease distribution, and other risks such as floods and erosion.

This information could be useful to forest managers who must adapt to changing climatic conditions. 

Work carried out by Scion for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry under the Sustainable Land Management & Climate Change (SLMACC) programme is helping to prepare New Zealand for likely changing conditions.


How climate change may affect planted forests in New Zealand (Poster 1.43 MB)

The risk of wind damage in planted forests under climate change (YouTube video)

Fire risk in future forests (YouTube video) 

Key capabilities

  • Climate change impacts, including fire, wind, and biosecurity risks 
  • Spatial and temporal modelling
  • Site and species selection for plantations
  • Modelling other environmental benefits of forests
  • Soil science
  • Economics