Tools & Services



New Zealand Fire Behaviour Prediction Manual - The Manual for Predicting Fire Behaviour in New Zealand Fuels represents the current state of knowledge with respect to predicting fire behaviour in New Zealand.

New Zealand Fire Behaviour Toolkit - This user-friendly software package incorporates the fuel and fire behaviour models developed by Scion's Rural Fire Research group.

Prometheus - A Canadian wildland fire growth simulation model redeveloped for use in New Zealand. 

Fire Behaviour App - A SmartPhone application based on the Fire Behaviour Toolkit calculator is now available and free to download for both Android and Apple devices.

Guide to New Zealand Fuels - This a visual guide with detailed descriptions to assist users with selecting the most appropriate fuel type for Fire Behaviour Predictions.

Flammability of Native Plant Species  - This brochure classes Native plant species into flammability classes. Homeowners can reduce the dangers from wildfires by managing the vegetation around their home. The replacement of high to low flammability species can reduce the fire hazard.

Fire Weather Index Tables for NZ (third edition) - This publication represents the third New Zealand version of tables for calculating the six standard components of the Fire Weather Index System.  This version includes changes to the Initial Spread Index (ISI) table and improvements to the table design.

Fire Behaviour Forms -  A number of blank worksheets and worked examples of fireline weather, fire behaviour observation and prediction forms are ready for download. These sheets were used in the recent Intermediate Fire Behaviour and Fire Behaviour Forecasting Courses.



Scion provides fire behaviour training in conjunction with the National Rural Fire Authority. 

Our courses provide in-depth knowledge of fire behaviour in the New Zealand context, from basic understanding of combustion to the highly complex interactions of fuel, topography and atmosphere at the landscape scale.

The training is suited to rural fire personnel from the Department of Conservation, district councils, the New Zealand Fire Service, forest companies, and New Zealand Defence Force.

Training is conducted by experienced researchers who understand fire behaviour as well as the issues faced by fire managers. We can answer questions ranging from tactics and strategy in fire suppression, to prescribed fire practices in land management.

Two courses currently offered in New Zealand are the Intermediate Fire Behaviour Course and the Fire Behaviour Forecasting Course.

For further information and course schedules, contact the National Rural Fire Authority.