Radiata Pine

New Zealand has approximately 1.8 million hectares of planted production forests, 89% of which is radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don).

Scion has been a key player in pioneering the domestication of radiata pine as a major commercial softwood species in the Southern Hemisphere.

We provide knowledge, advice and decision support tools that aid forest managers to ensure higher returns through maximum production and improved quality of wood and fibre.


Radiata pine is a highly versatile species that grows well on a wide range of sites in New Zealand.

Easily dried and processed, it can be used in structural and non-structural applications, or for pulp.

Current research

Our research and development services cover the entire forestry value chain including:

Information for growers

The Radiata Pine Growers Manual provides comprehensive information about growing and managing radiata pine commercially.

FRI Bulletin 124 (Introduced Forest Trees in New Zealand: Recognition, Role and Seed Source) is also available from Scion.

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