Value Chain Optimisation

The value chain (VC) group at Scion is small, but interacts closely with other research programmes at Scion, in the forestry, wood processing and biomaterials industries, and specialists in their field. The goal of the group is to pursue opportunities in those industries where costs could be reduced and/or value could be added, and therefore profits increased. Also, the VC group analyses risks and examines where the resilience of the businesses in the New Zealand forestry industry could be enhanced.

Primarily our VC researchers work in three areas: supply chain diagnostics, value chain design and value chain strategy.

vco image 

Scion’s key VC research topics include:

  • Product and flow variability
  • Product segregation
  • Supply chain control and efficiency
  • Regional development and synergies between industries
  • Market foresight and intelligence
  • Value stream mapping and logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Value add and value chain transformation
  • Lean and agile thinking