Manufacturing & Bioproducts

The world is witnessing a major shift towards materials, chemicals and fuels made from renewable resources.

Scion offers New Zealand’s leading research capability in utilising industrial biotechnology to create new materials, energy products and green chemicals.

We offer proven expertise in research and development to the following sectors:

Bioenergy Scion undertakes a range of bioenergy and biorefinery research and development activities across the whole production chain, from resource establishment through to product development.
Industrial Biotechnology The rise of industrial biotechnology globally reflects an increasing shift away from modern industrial practices that rely heavy on the use of fossil fuels, man-made chemicals and non renewable materials.
Packaging Improved packaging material will help to meet growing consumer demands for renewable and sustainable products. Scion specialises in creating new, niche packaging products to support New Zealand’s export industries.
Wood & Fibre Technology As the world increasingly seeks to use renewable and sustainable materials to meet consumer needs, new applications for wood and plant fibres are rapidly emerging.
Ligate™ bioadhesives from 100% renewable resources An innovative bio-adhesive technology utilising 100% renewable resources for wood panel products creating healthy homes and offices.