Bioenergy is an important form of renewable energy extracted from biomass (organic material). Bioenergy can come in a variety of forms (solid, liquid or gas) which can be used to create heat, electricity and transport fuel.

Scion offers a unique national capability in bioenergy science and is keen to form partnerships for both research and commercialisation.

We integrate skills in bioenergy from forest resources, wood pulping, industrial biotechnology and biorefineries, with international expertise in second-generation biofuels and process scale-up.

Scion undertakes a range of bioenergy and biorefinery research and development activities across the whole production chain, from resource establishment through to product development.

Our key activities within bioenergy research include:
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    Liquid Biofuels

    Scion is focused on developing biorefinery processes to create biofuel products from renewable lignocellulosic (woody) materials in New Zealand.

    Woody Biomass

    Scion is working with government and industry to promote the use of woody biomass as an energy source.

    Energy Systems Analysis

    Scion has extensive capability in analysing complex systems. Scientific analysis is important when developing new process technologies because it provides performance indicators and identifies areas for improvement.
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