Scion’s expertise and capabilities are being used to design innovative packaging solutions and optimise current packaging products.We have the knowledge, expertise and testing capability to develop packaging solutions that meet supply chain and end user demands. Scion offers a comprehensive suite of equipment and specialist skills aimed at performance testing, analysing materials, new product development, troubleshooting and packaging compliance.

Scion works with packaging companies, manufacturers and exporters to improve processing systems and devise novel ways of using renewable resources.

We have the scientific capability to support packaging development using all kinds of fibres, biofoams and composites.

We also provide a range of testing and analytical services such as compression and creep testing, cool-chain testing, biodegradation and compostability. These services can be used to help manufacturers meet regulatory standards, customer specifications, codes of practice or to troubleshoot problems.

Our unique combination of advanced equipment and capability in pulp, paper, plastics and hybrid materials means that manufacturers can get all the R&D support they need on one site. Through our international networks we have access to the most specialised equipment, technologies and knowledge available.

Our researchers work alongside manufacturers to improve the performance of current and future packaging solutions:

packaging creep testing