Superior Paperboard Packaging

boxOur expert staff have worked closely with packaging manufacturers over many years to develop processes and products relevant to their needs.

Scion’s research programme includes:

  • Fibre processing, selection and combination
    We enable manufacturers to produce quality paperboard by using the appropriate fibre furnish.
  • Chemical additives, treatments and coatings
    We develop processes and products that improve the quality of paperboard packaging in terms of performance, look and printability.

Water-based moisture barrier dispersions for coating and flexographic printing

New paper coatings proven to reduce water uptake of paper have been developed by our packaging specialists. The coatings reduce water vapour transfer, have low Cobb values can be recycled, glued and printed on.

Dispersion coating 001LW can be applied by printing, giving a high performance at low application rates, and by conventional coating.

Dispersion coating 002S is a wax free and non-solvent based two pot system.

Read about how the new coatings increase paperboard packaging life

  • Finite element modelling and structural design analysis
    We can model box behaviour to predict end-use performance.

Unique analytical capabilities

Scion offers a number of testing services to optimise board and box manufacturing, including:

  • Corrugated Box Compression Creep Testers
    Testing under an environment of cycling humidity. Assesses the number of humidity cycles that can be tolerated at any given compression load.

Watch a video talking about Scion’s unique humidity and temperature controlled facility, the WHITE Room, and how it can be used for testing the performance of cardboard boxes in chilled supply chain conditions.

  • ECCTX Creep Measurements
    Determines creep properties using 20 corrugated board specimens in one environmental chamber. Secondary creep rates at different compressive loads used to calculate three creep parameters.
  • Lock-in Thermography
    Infrared techniques that evaluate stress and damage states in corrugated paperboard boxes under pressure. This capability arises from collaborative research with Monash University in Australia.