Pulp & paper

Scion has worked with the New Zealand pulp and paper industry for many years to
improve process efficiency and product performance.

Our research has enabled manufacturers to optimise the use of locally grown fibres for papers of an increasingly high standard.

We have spent many years building detailed knowledge of the pulp fibre resource and how best to process it to achieve the desired product.

Our capability has been developed using world class research facilities including a mechanical pulping, screening and cleaning plant, and kraft pulp digesters.

Fibre processing plant

Scion’s fibre processing plant is an industrial-style research facility that offers mechanical pulp refining, fibre segregation and an MDF blowline.

The plant allows specialised process engineers to investigate alternative wood resources, new process configurations and new products which cannot be examined practically in a production environment.

Key capabilities

  • Mechanical fibre processing
  • Wood fibre optimisation and characterisation
  • Paperboard packaging 
  • Specialised testing – microscopic and chemical analysis
  • Co-product development – extractives, hemicelluloses, lignin
  • Digital printability testing
  • Papermaking

Commercial services

We offer a wide range of standard and specialised tests related to pulp, paper and packaging including:

  • Routine handsheet evaluation
  • Pulp quality evaluation
  • Chemical pulping and bleaching
  • Chemical analysis of wood and fibre constituents
  • Specialised tests for improving end-product applications.

Contact : Elspeth MacRae