Water Remediation

Scion has developed a technology that provides a novel means of improving water quality in surface or waste waters.

The technology involves the application of a polymer to zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral, to enable phosphate and other anions to bind to the mineral irreversibly.

The modified material – AQUAL-P – can be applied either as a sediment cap in lakes, a water column suspension, or in water-filtration devices.

As a capping material, AQUAL-P can be used to trap nutrients in water body sediments.

AQUAL-P offers many advantages, including:

  • High efficiency, meaning less material required for phosphate removal.
  • Removal of other prominent pollutants including ammonia.
  • New Zealand-derived zeolite with unique adsorptive properties.
  • Potential re-use of material bound with phosphate for slow-release fertilisers.

Commercial application

Scion has identified several markets for AQUAL-P due to its potential application in the treatment of: 

  • drinking water and irrigation reservoirs 
  • domestic and commercial fish ponds and aquaria 
  • decorative domestic and golf course ponds 
  • farm dams and troughs 
  • water storage systems in nurseries and other irrigators 
  • aquaculture
  • swimming pools.

Commercial status

A successful full lake trial has been completed and manufacturing at an industrial scale is the next stage of commercialisation.

Scion has partnerships with a local zeolite mining company (Blue Pacific Minerals) and regional government bodies to improve the water quality of the Rotorua lakes.

Processing methodology for applying polymer to zeolite is protected via trade secrets.

For commercial enquiries, contact Blue Pacific Minerals through their website.