Short course available on “Value chain research – what does this mean?”

Duration: One full day at a location of your choice

Many primary industry research funders prescribe a focus on value chains in order to create more bridges between good scientific research and real impacts on the NZ economy.

A one-day short course on "Value chain research for primary sector industries" is available to assist funding agencies and researchers apply value chain thinking to research project design and evaluation.

The aim of the course is to inform funding agencies and researchers about the important research aspects that need to be considered in order to truly claim that a research project contains a value chain component. 

Developed and delivered by two experienced value chain experts, the course is designed to assist funding agencies to better evaluate the value chain components of a research project and to assist researchers to write better research proposals. The course has a strong New Zealand primary industry focus but is open to people from other sectors. 

Course participants will come away with an appreciation of:
  • The different layers of a value chain
  • Important value chain dynamics like collaboration, power, competition, lean and agile
  • Mapping synergies and differences to disciplines like economics, marketing and engineering 
  • Value chain performance metrics
  • Understanding the fundamental supply chain links between risk, inventory, markets and product types
  • Overarching industry structures
  • Latest trends in value chain innovation and research
  • A checklist of research items that helps move research closer to a value chain approach.

The course is delivered by experienced value chain experts Dr Carel Bezuidenhout from Scion and Professor Paul Childerhouse from Massey University.

Carel leads the Value Chain Optimisation Team at Scion. He has 17 years' experience working in complex large agri-industrial supply chains in six countries, including sugar, tomatoes, avocado and forestry. He has a background in engineering, modelling, qualitative research and complex systems.

Paul is Director of Logistics and Supply Chains Management at Massey University. He has extensive research experience in supply chain collaboration, diagnostics and integration & design while working in tourism, wine, forestry, mining, healthcare and humanitarian supply chains.


$300 per person (including GST) for groups of 8 to 15 people. Cost includes teas, lunch and course materials, but excludes venue hire. Ideally the course is run with groups from a single organisation at its premises.

Expressions of interest

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