Forest Science

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    Lindsay Bulman

    Science Leader, Forest Protection

    Lindsay Bulman is a science leader who focusses on delivering excellent, high impact science that aims to protect our trees and forests from insect pests, pathogens and fire. He has… Read more

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    Tim Barnard

    Associate Science Leader, Forest Systems & Value Chain Optimisation

    Tim Barnard is a social scientist specialising in policy analysis and environmental planning. He represents New Zealand on the Technical Advisory Committee of the Montreal Process.
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    Matt Buys

    Curator: National Forestry Herbarium

    Dr Matt Buys is the curator of Scion's National Forestry Herbarium. His role involves the management of New Zealand's largest reference collection associated with forestry.Read more

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    Peter Clinton

    Science Leader, Forest Systems

    Dr Peter Clinton is a forest ecologist who specialises in maintaining the productive capacity of commercial forests. He is one of New Zealand’s leading experts in sustainable forest management. His… Read more

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    Heidi Dungey

    Science Leader, Genetics & Research Leader, Tree Breeding

    Dr Heidi Dungey specialises in tree breeding and genetic resource characterisation for commercial forestry species including radiata pine, Douglas-fir, cypresses, eucalypts and redwoods. Her research encompasses quantitative and ecological genetics… Read more

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    Stuart Fraser

    Forest Pathologist

    Dr Stuart Fraser is a Forest Pathologist. Stuart’s research focuses on disease epidemiology and management, diagnostics of fungal pathogens, and pathogen adaptability.Read more

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    Alan Jones

    Research Leader, Enabling Environments

    I work as Research Leader for Forest Systems at Scion, with responsibility for the Enabling Environments programme. My role is focussed on optimising the ecosystem service value of trees across… Read more

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    Jana Krajňáková

    Research Leader, Plant Propagation and Automation

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jana Krajnakova specialises in different aspects of regeneration of forest tree species using tissue culture and biotechnology approaches with a strong focus on the fundamental physiological and… Read more

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    Rebecca McDougal

    Molecular Forest Pathologist

    Dr Rebecca McDougal is a microbiologist specialising in forest pathology. Her role is to apply molecular biology techniques in forest diagnostics, characterising pathogen populations and disease management.
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    John Moore

    Research Leader, Systems Biology & Risk

    John specialises in quantitative silviculture and is a recognised expert on the risk of wind damage to forests and how this is affected by management activities. John’s current research is… Read more

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    Richard Parker

    Senior Scientist; Rural Fire, Human Factors & Robotics

    Dr Richard Parker is a human factors researcher who specialises in developing work practices to enhance productivity and safety in dangerous occupations (e.g. forest harvesting and rural fire fighting). His… Read more

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    Thomas Paul

    Assistant Research Leader, Production Ecosystems

    Dr Thomas Paul is a forest ecologist with broad research interests in estimating forest carbon stocks and their change in natural and planted forests, forest inventory designs and their implementation… Read more

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    Stephen Pawson

    Research Leader, Entomology

    Dr Stephen Pawson (Steve) is a forest entomologist with a strong interest in protecting natural biodiversity. He has specialises in the interaction between plantation management, landscape ecology and invertebrate biodiversity.… Read more

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    Tim Payn

    Principal Scientist & Research Leader, Enabling Environments

    Dr Tim Payn comes from a background in soil science and has specialised interest in forest nutrition management. He is heavily involved in global efforts to support sustainable forest management.… Read more

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    Grant Pearce

    Senior Fire Scientist, Rural Fire Research

    Grant Pearce is one of New Zealand's leading specialists in wildfire behaviour. His research has enabled the development of fire behaviour models for New Zealand fuel types, which are routinely… Read more

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    Brian Richardson

    Principal Scientist, Forest Science

    Brian recently stepped down from 12 years in senior management, including 8 years leading the Forest Science group at Scion and prior to the that the Forest Biosecurity and Protection… Read more

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    Carol Ann Rolando

    Pest Management Scientist

    Dr Carol Rolando specialises in developing practical methods for managing forest weeds, pests and diseases. Her work in weeds research has earned Carol recognition from the forest industry as they… Read more

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    Stephanie Sopow

    Forest Entomologist

    Stephanie Sopow is an entomologist specialising in forest insect ecology and taxonomy. She is Project Leader for Scion’s plant health diagnostic services and a biological control project to manage giant… Read more

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    Gancho Slavov

    Research Leader, Quantitative and Molecular Genetics

    Gancho’s research is aimed at understanding the processes that shape genetic variation within and among populations. His current work focuses on using genomic/multiomic data to dissect the architectures of complex… Read more

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    Tara Strand

    Research Leader, Rural Fire; Atmospheric Scientist and Dispersion Modeller

    Dr Tara Strand is a scientist who specialises in modelling the dispersion of particles in the atmosphere. Her skills are valuable in a number of research programmes including fire behaviour… Read more

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    Steve A. Wakelin

    Research Leader, Forest Systems Ecology

    Steve is a microbial ecologist with expertise in soil biogeochemistry and plant-microbe-soil interactions. He has worked across a diverse range of native and managed ecosystems, exploring the role of microorganisms… Read more

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    Michael S. Watt

    Senior Scientist & Research Leader, Geomatics

    Michael is a forestry scientist who specialises in remote sensing and development of models to characterise growth, health and wood quality of the forest resource. He has published over 150… Read more

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    Nari Williams

    Forest Pathologist

    Nari specialises in pathology, management and systems biology of Phytophthora diseases. Nari has 18 years’ experience working with Phytophthora species having completed her PhD investigating DNA based diagnostic methods for… Read more