Lindsay Bulman


  • Phone: +64 7 343 5533
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  • Team: Forest Protection
  • Role: Science Leader, Forest Protection


Lindsay Bulman is a science leader who focusses on delivering excellent, high impact science that aims to protect our trees and forests from insect pests, pathogens and fire.  He has carried out research for over 40 years and has a long and broad track record of helping to manage diseases affecting radiata pine and other tree species in New Zealand.  Lindsay’s current research encompasses disease and growth loss interactions, reducing impact of Phytophthora diseases and early detection of new pests and pathogens. However, most of his time is spent leading and overseeing forest protection science rather than doing the hands-on science.


  • Award in Management Science (Stage I and II), Central Institute of Technology, Trentham, New Zealand - 1989
  • NZCS (Biology) Central Institute of Technology, Trentham, New Zealand - 1982

Research capabilities

  • Epidemiology and control of dothistroma
  • Surveys and silvicultural control of nectria flute canker and needle diseases
  • Forest health surveillance
  • Quarantine risk assessment
  • Pathogen eradication
  • Biosecurity standard setting
  • Disease/growth loss interactions

Career highlights

  • Leader of the Forest Protection group of over 50 researchers
  • Responsible for developing and implementing science plans, and identifying priority areas for research focus
  • Member of independent panel “Accelerating Protection for Kauri”
  • Developing a successful control method for nectria flute canker by amending forest management practice
  • Conducting forest health surveillance research that now underpins the current plantation forest and high risk site surveillance systems
  • Over 300 contract and technical reports to the sector

Selected papers

Ireland, K.B., Bulman, L., Hoskins, A.J., Pinkard, E.A., Mohammed, C., Kriticos, D.J. 2018: Estimating the potential geographical range of Sirex noctilio: comparison with an existing model and relationship with field severity. Biological Invasions, 20 (9) 2599-2622.

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