Dawn Smith


  • Phone: +64 7 343 5706
  • Email: Show email
  • Team: Biopolymers and Chemicals
  • Role: Senior Scientist; Research Leader, Polymers & Composites; Project Leader, Packaging


Dr Dawn Smith specialises in the synthesis, characterisation, and formulation of polymers. Originally from the US, she worked in the biomedical device industry in R&D and new product development (CIBA Vision, Novartis). Dawn's current research is on bioplastics, unsaturated bio-based polyesters, new polymers derived from forestry residues, biomass-filled polymer systems, and packaging solutions.


  • PhD (Polymer Science), University of Connecticut, USA
  • BA (Mathematics), Erskine College, USA

Research capabilities

  • Polymer synthesis – condensation, free radical
  • Polymer characterisation – GPC, DSC, TGA, Rheometry
  • Cure characterisation

Selected papers

Recent Patents

  • US 8,003,710 B2 “Production of ophthalmic devices based on photo-induced step growth polymerization” Novartis AG; Medina, Arturo Norberto; Scott, Robert; Smith, Dawn Alison
  • US 7,968,050 B2 “Method for Sterilization of Hydrogel Contact Lenses”  Vogt, J; Mowrey-McKee, M.F.; Smith, D.