Adaptive governance for transformational change - A toolkit for action

Start Date
6th Sep 2018 9:30am
End Date
6th Sep 2018 4:30pm
7 hours

Venue: RH105, Rutherford House, Pipitea campus, Victoria University of Wellington

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This forum aims to progress the understanding and practice of adaptive governance as a means to address complex environmental problems, also known as wicked problems. These problems are large, organisational and, most of the time, intergenerational.

Why a forum on adaptive governance?

Erosion, freshwater pollution, pests and other environmental problems are complicated, multidimensional, and often long term and slow-burning. We argue that traditional approaches to solving environmental issues are not working.

Three years ago, we set ourselves the ambitious goals of changing the way New Zealanders think about and act on environmental problems. We developed a toolkit to help make progress toward the long term goals of ‘healthy land, healthy rivers, healthy people’ as part of the “Weaving the Korowai of Papatūānuku - Adaptive governance and enhanced decision-making” research programme. This programme is a partnership between Scion and He Oranga mo Nga Uri Tuku Iho Trust in Ruatorea, East Coast.

We test a series of adaptive governance tools for environmental problem-solving using the example of a severe erosion problem on the East Coast but applicable to other problems such as biosecurity risks, freshwater management, and in general to how people and agencies operate. This research programme ends in September 2018 and we are sharing a toolkit and lessons in this forum.

What is this forum about?

We would like to share the tools and lessons learnt from the programme, invite your input and identify collaboration opportunities across institutions and sectors for follow up activities. In this forum we will learn from and workshop about:

  • ‘Catchment 2030’ – Serious games to address wicked problems
  • Social networks to build social capital, identify and help leverage leaders and influencers
  • Frameworks to monitor progress and change for long term environmental issues.

Who is this forum for?

NGOs, iwi, kaitiaki, grassroots organisations, community researchers, planners, local government and central government learning and development specialists who are motivated to scale up lessons, use and adapt our tools.

Please join us for this learning and sharing day in Wellington and share the invitation across your networks.

Presentations, videos, programme and related documents

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For further enquiries related to the forum or the Weaving the Korowai Programme (2015-2018) and this forum please contact:

Sandra Velarde
(07) 343 5436

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