Australasian Myrtle Rust Conference

Start Date
Jun 21, 2023
End Date
Jun 23, 2023
3 days

Australasian Myrtle Rust Conference
21-23 June 2023
Sydney, Australia

Austropuccinia psidii, causal agent of myrtle rust, is a globally dispersed pathogen having devastating impacts in the Australasian region.

Collaborative research efforts have improved our understanding of the pathogen and are starting to deliver management tools, while communities are rapidly mobilising to protect and conserve native plants. However, there is an urgent need to do more to prevent extinctions and to strengthen ecosystems.

Join us in Sydney for the Australasian Myrtle Rust Conference to contribute to and learn about the latest research and management approaches. Be part of the conversation as we ask, “where to from here?”

This event will include a poster session and optional field trip to view myrtle rust where it is heavily impacting Australian native plants.  Programme outline available and abstract submission opening March 2023.

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