Pimp My Ride at Science in the Park

02 March 2009

Never before seen wooden mountain bike handle bars will be on show at this year’s Science in the Park, as Scion’s mountain biking, science enthusiasts aim to showcase the manufacturing potential of wood.

Scion scientist Dr Jonathan Harrington will be on site throughout the day making mountain bike handle bars from radiata pine, illustrating the process of selecting lumber, turning it, shaping it into a desired form, steaming it and finishing the product.

Jonathan says he wants to show people that wood can be used in places that few people even consider and that the properties of wood make it suitable for making bicycle parts.

“In terms of sustainability and environmental impact, you can’t go past wood. It is the most ecologically friendly of all building materials, and bicycles are second only to walking as the most environmentally friendly form of transport.

“We want to show people the properties of wood and compare it to synthetics and metals in terms of environmental impact, sustainability and ease of handling. Appropriately designed bicycle handlebars can make use of wood’s excellent material properties, including strength and the ability to dampen vibration, and display its beautiful natural features.

“But ultimately, we also just want to show people that science is fun and that it is relevant to everyday life,” he says.

Science in the Park is a free open day for members of the public to learn more about modern science and about how Crown Research Institute Scion’s 300 scientists spend their day.

Visitors will have from between 9am to 3pm to experience the interactive displays and activities including travelling through the insides of a termite, identifying mystery insects and uncovering the energy outputs of various fuel types.

Science in the Park is free to all members of the public and includes displays, demonstrations, science experiments, tours and giveaways. The open day is located at the Crown Research Institute Scion, 49 Sala Street, Rotorua.

Science in the Park is proudly supported by Rotorua’s More FM.


Science in the Park – Scion’s Open Day
Interactive displays, science experiments, Lumberjack show
Food and drink available for purchase

49 Sala Street, Rotorua

Saturday March 21