ERMA invites submissions on Scion’s application to field test GM pine trees

25 August 2010

Today Scion’s application to the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) to field test genetically modified Pinus radiata in outdoor containment has been publicly notified by ERMA.  

The purpose of the application by crown research institute, Scion, is to test for genes for a range of traits that, if successful in the trial, may be used in the future to produce improved pine trees for the forestry sector. The application excludes the development of any reproductive material (pollen or seeds).

This public notification is the start of the public consultation period where members of the public and interested parties can make submissions on the application.

The full application is available on the ERMA website under the Consultation tab.

Further information on Scion’s genetic modification research is available on the Scion website - from the Forest Science tab select Tree Improvement then Molecular Breeding.