Open Day will go off with a bang

7 March 2011

Anyone who enjoys flames and explosions will get plenty of entertainment at Scion’s free open day on Saturday 12 March.

The biennial ‘Science in the Park’ event will include displays that show why pine cones burn in different colours and why fighting forest fires is such hard work.

Visitors will also learn about how liquid nitrogen can be used not only to launch rockets but also to make ice-cream.

Scion’s head of Sustainable Development Dr Trevor Stuthridge says the open day is a great opportunity for people to learn about the world of science through things that fizz, burn, bang and smell.

“The event is all about having fun, but it’s also a chance to learn how science applies to everyday life. One of our aims is to show how green chemistry and biological systems are the way of the future in manufacturing and waste reduction,” he explains.

“Society has made huge advances through science and technology, but industrial systems have also created a lot of damage to the environment.

“Science is vital to developing green technologies that produce materials and energy from renewable resources. Science in the Park will provide a glimpse of how these technologies can work.” Dr Stuthridge says.

As a real life example, Rotorua District Council is teaming up with Scion to demonstrate how new waste treatment technologies will be used to convert the city's poo into something useful, such as fertilisers and bioenergy. It will put a whole new meaning into the term "flush with cash".

Visitors are invited to come along between 9am – 3pm to experience the interactive displays, participate in science experiments, take a guided tour or simply enjoy a day on Scion’s tree-lined grounds.  

The programme also includes prize draws for children and a photography competition for Bay of Plenty students.