Scion signs MOU with Callaghan Innovation

12 August 2013

Crown Research Institute Scion has entered into a strategic partnership with Callaghan Innovation to strengthen collaboration on joint opportunities.

Scion Chief Executive Warren Parker says Scion’s partnership with Callaghan Innovation has been formalised with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

“This partnership is expected to accelerate commercialisation of innovative technologies that we have jointly identified as having the potential to deliver real value to New Zealand.

“We look forward to working with Callaghan Innovation to expand our connections, and make contact with potential customers in new fields,” said Dr Parker.

Scion has already started working with Callaghan Innovation to identify areas of mutual interest where the institute can leverage its capabilities and synergies to grow the forest industry, biomaterial and renewable energy sectors.

“Callaghan Innovation will augment Scion’s commercialisation activities by helping our customers gain the access to markets, capital, and talent needed to implement the technologies we develop.”

“In addition, we know there are instances where companies seek expertise overseas when they could get it locally. Callaghan Innovation can help connect us to those potential customers,” said Dr Parker.

There is no change for Scion’s existing customers. Scion continues to be their main point of contact.