Tools & Resources


Wildfire risk reduction and mitigation actions

This list describes actions homeowners can take to prepare themselves and their homes and to reduce their risk from wildfire.


Fire Registry and Smoke Forecasts

The Fire Registry tool uses detected hotspots identified from satellite data to model potential smoke hazard over New Zealand. The tool is currently under development and is being trialled for this fire season. Feedback is being sort from Fire and Emergency for further improvements.


NZ Seasonal Fire Danger Outlooks

New Zealand fire danger outlooks.


New Zealand Wildfire Season Summary

This report summarises the 2019/2020 wildfire season for New Zealand (1 October 2019 – 30 May 2020).


Weekly Fire Danger Forecasts

Depending on how the fire season is shaping, weekly fire danger forecasts are prepared when the fire dangers peak in summer and covers expected fire danger and weather for the weekend and into the following week. NOTE: ON HOLD FOR THIS FIRE SEASON


NZ fire behaviour prediction manual

The Manual for Predicting Fire Behaviour in New Zealand Fuels represents the current state of knowledge with respect to predicting fire behaviour in New Zealand.


Guide to New Zealand fuels

Scion's Rural Fire Research Group has developed a technical guide for selecting the most appropriate fuel type for Fire Behaviour Predictions.


NZ fire behaviour toolkit

This user-friendly software package incorporates the fuel and fire behaviour models developed by Scion's Rural Fire Research group.


Fire behaviour calculator app

A SmartPhone application based on the Fire Behaviour Toolkit calculator is now available and free to download for both Android and Apple devices.



A Canadian wildland fire growth simulation model redeveloped for use in New Zealand.


Fire behaviour forms

A number of blank worksheets and worked examples of fireline weather, fire behaviour observation and prediction forms are ready for download. These sheets were used in the recent Intermediate Fire Behaviour and Fire Behaviour Forecasting Courses.


Fire weather index tables for NZ (3rd edition)

Scion's Rural Fire Research Team have modified and reproduced the Fire Weather Index Tables for New Zealand (3rd edition).


Flammability of native plant species

Homeowners can reduce the dangers from wildfires by managing the vegetation around their home. The replacement of high to low flammability species can reduce the fire hazard.