Fire Registry and Smoke Forecasts

Fire Registry

The Fire Registry tool uses detected hotspots identified from satellite data to model potential smoke hazard over New Zealand. A user guide for this tool can be viewed here.

Using satellite hotspots detected within the last 12 hours

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Registry information

Smoke forecasts are modelled using the Bluesky Framework

Fire growth forecasts are modelled using Prometheus Software as a Service

Fire Registry assumptions and limitations

  • The Fire Registry tool uses hotspot detects identified from satellite data to model potential smoke hazard.
  • Every hotspot is assumed to represent an uncontrolled wild fire of approximately 20 ha in size that continues to burn each day of the simulation.
  • Some fires may not be detected due to factors such as cloud cover and satellite location (each satellite is only overhead for a short period every 12 hours).
  • Meteorology forecasts used in the simulation are based on Global Forecast System (GFS) modelled data that is updated daily.
  • Two different simulations are run: the first (NZ) uses New Zealand hotspot detects from the last 12 hours and runs whenever new hotspots are detected.
  • The second simulation (NZ + Australia) also includes hotspots from the east coast of Australia within a 24 hour period and is run once a day.
  • Delays of up to 5 hours are possible between hotspot acquisition and inclusion in a smoke dispersion simulation due to processing.
  • Additional information on modelled fire growth is available to collaborators by logging into the website.


The Fire Registry tool is provided by Scion to facilitate forecasting smoke dispersion from fires. While we have made reasonable endeavours to ensure its accuracy, the tool is still under development as has not yet been fully validated. In addition, there is uncertainty inherent to fires and the smoke they generate. Accordingly, the tool is provided without warranties of any kind including accuracy, timeliness or fitness for any particular purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Scion excludes liability for any loss, damage or expense, direct or indirect resulting from any person or organisation's use of or reliance on the tool.