• Creating bioplastics from kiwifruit residue.
  • Bioadhesives could open markets for wood panel products.
  • Torrefied wood is a light, energy-dense bioenergy solution.
  • Measuring fast-growing kauri for their forestry potential.
  • Valuing our forests for more than timber production.
  • Biosecurity efforts helped eradicate White Spotted Tussock Moth.
  • Tissue culture for mass propagation of conifers.
  • Industrially-friendly wood fibres to reinforce plastics.

Scion is a Crown Research Institute dedicated to improving the international competitiveness of the New Zealand forest industry and building a stronger biobased economy.


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Scion's vision: Prosperity from trees

Our vision story: Maori legend tells how a mighty tree created a world that people could live in by pushing the sky and land apart. At Scion, we know that trees create more than just a liveable world, they create a prosperous one.

What's New

  • discbot
    New video

    Automated scanning of wood properties with Scion’s DiscBot

    Developed and built in-house, the DiscBot uses a robot to move sawn wood discs past different energy sources to extract information on the wood's chemical makeup, density, spiral grain angle and microfibril angle.
  • biofuels
    Media Release 2 November 2016

    International biofuels think tank meets in Rotorua

    Experts in bioenergy from 26 countries are gathering in Rotorua next week to meet on a series of topics convened by the International Energy Association (IEA).
  • AR 2016
    Media Release 12 October 2016

    Scion Annual Report highlights science value to customers

    Today, Crown research institute Scion released its annual report, which presents a very successful year in creating science impact and financial performance.
  • Issue 21 cover
    Scion Connections

    Scion Connections Issue 21, September 2016

    Scion Connections is a quarterly newsletter that aims to keep you up-to-date with our key science success stories and discoveries and to connect you with our people and capabilities.
  • Dr Warren Grigsby
    Media Release 16 September 2016

    NZBIO award for new ‘green’ glue for wood products

    Scion’s environmentally-friendly bioadhesives technology was awarded Biotechnology of the Year at NZBIO’s annual conference yesterday.

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