• Creating bioplastics from kiwifruit residue.
  • Bioadhesives could open markets for wood panel products.
  • Torrefied wood is a light, energy-dense bioenergy solution.
  • Measuring fast-growing kauri for their forestry potential.
  • Valuing our forests for more than timber production.
  • Biosecurity efforts helped eradicate White Spotted Tussock Moth.
  • Tissue culture for mass propagation of conifers.
  • Industrially-friendly wood fibres to reinforce plastics.

Scion is a Crown Research Institute dedicated to improving the international competitiveness of the New Zealand forest industry and building a stronger biobased economy.


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Scion's vision: Prosperity from trees

Our vision story: Maori legend tells how a mighty tree created a world that people could live in by pushing the sky and land apart. At Scion, we know that trees create more than just a liveable world, they create a prosperous one.

What's New

  • gorse
    New Scion video

    Managing weeds in planted forests

    Dr Carol Rolando talks about recent research looking at managing weeds in planted forests. Scion scientists have confirmed that most effective weed management treatment is the current industry standard of a combination of terbuthylazine and hexazinone and that the risks to the environment from these two herbicides are low. Both herbicides were recently re-assessed by Forest Stewardship Council and removed from the highly hazardous list.
  • Pine pitch canker closeup
    Media Release 21 August 2015

    A global strategy needed for forest health and biosecurity

    Maintaining successful biosecurity systems is vital for protecting our forests assert the authors of a review published today in the prestigious journal “Science”.
  • SIC 2015 cover
    SCI 2015-2020

    Scion's Statement of Corporate Intent

    We are pleased to present Scion’s 2015-20 Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI). Building on last year’s SCI we set out Scion’s strategy, science and innovation plan, and investment priorities and describe how Scion will fulfil its Statement of Core Purpose.
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    Media Release 14 July 2015

    International forestry geneticists head to Rotorua

    Registrations have opened for a forest genetics conference in Rotorua next March that is expected to attract around 200 delegates from all over the world.
  • Connections 16
    Scion Connections

    Scion Connections Issue 16, June 2015

    Scion Connections is a quarterly newsletter that aims to keep you up-to-date with our key science success stories and discoveries and to connect you with our people and capabilities.

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