• Creating bioplastics from kiwifruit residue.
  • Bioadhesives could open markets for wood panel products.
  • Torrefied wood is a light, energy-dense bioenergy solution.
  • Measuring fast-growing kauri for their forestry potential.
  • Valuing our forests for more than timber production.
  • Biosecurity efforts helped eradicate White Spotted Tussock Moth.
  • Tissue culture for mass propagation of conifers.
  • Industrially-friendly wood fibres to reinforce plastics.

Scion is a Crown Research Institute dedicated to improving the international competitiveness of the New Zealand forest industry and building a stronger biobased economy.


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Scion's vision: Prosperity from trees

Our vision story: Maori legend tells how a mighty tree created a world that people could live in by pushing the sky and land apart. At Scion, we know that trees create more than just a liveable world, they create a prosperous one.

What's New

  • Toilet
    Terax technology to reinvent the toilet

    Terax technology to reinvent the toilet

    Scion has secured funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reinvent the toilet using a piece of Terax technology.
  • Rob Lei
    Media Release 27 October 2015

    Terax technology wins awards for innovation in sustainability and cleantech

    New bio-waste technology developed in Rotorua has been recognised with an award.
  • Ngutukaka
    Media Release 23 October 2015

    Near extinct native plant returned to iwi

    A native plant nursed back from the brink of extinction at Scion is today being returned to iwi at an official ceremony in Rotorua.
  • Burnoff
    Media Release 19 October 2015

    Fire research burns planned at Pukaki Downs Station

    Experimental burns on wilding conifers are being carried out by scientists from Scion and the University of Canterbury and supported by Canterbury rural firefighters, near Twizel this week. The burns were planned for April this year, but had to be postponed due to wet weather.
  • AR2015 cover
    Media Release 14 October 2015

    Scion Annual Report 2015

    Today, Crown research institute Scion released its annual report, which highlights research that will increase the contribution of planted forests to national and regional economic development.

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