Environmental technologies

The environment and resources can be conserved, and the negative impacts of human involvement can be reduced through the use of environmental science and technologies. Waste reduction, using as few non-renewable resources as possible and sustainability lie at the heart of environmental technologies, and are essential components of circular bioeconomy thinking.

Scion is developing new technologies that use renewable resources efficiently, improve energy efficiency and enable better waste management to reduce environmental impacts.

Recovering value from waste

Recovering resources from forestry and other industries as well as municipal waste is part of circular economy thinking. Our work in this area includes processing and recovering resources such as energy, carbon and minerals from biosolids (sewage) and organic materials.

Industrial ecology

Understanding the ways that energy and resources flow through industrial systems makes it possible to shift from linear processes that produce waste to closed loops where waste becomes the input for new processes. Our work focusses on life cycle management and sustainability assessment to help businesses manage the total life cycle of their products and services.


Paul Bennett, Portfolio Leader, Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering