Commercial forestry in New Zealand

Scion is an integral part of New Zealand’s forest industry, contributing scientific research, technology development and other services throughout the value chain.

SCI value chain fig

Forestry is a major part of New Zealand’s land use and economy.

The forest industry is based around sustainably managed exotic plantation forests, covering 1.7 million hectares – about 7% – of New Zealand's land area.

In the year to June 2016, commercial forestry contributed over $5 billion annual gross income to the economy, about 3% of GDP. Wood and wood products are the country’s third largest export earner after dairy and meat, and some 20,000 people are employed throughout the forestry value chain.

Facts and Figures

A brochure, published yearly, contains background information and statistical data on the New Zealand forest industry. It is jointly released by FOA and MPI.  Download or order the latest Facts and Figures booklet.