Solid wood processing

Scion's ability to understand and modify the properties of wood allows us to expand the opportunities for using timber and other solid wood products to make the most of every tree.

Improving the performance of wood products

Modifying the properties of radiata pine and other timber to improve strength and durability expands the applications for wood products and the places they can be used.

Using wood products

Increasing the cost-effectiveness and performance of wood products, and new product innovation, expands their appeal for use in construction and manufacture.

Using wood fibres

The science and technology behind processing wood into fibres for pulp, paper, wood-plastic composites and new applications.

Building sustainably to maximise carbon storage and minimise emissions

Timber-based building materials store carbon and contribute to increasingly sustainable, resource-efficient homes and offices that are integrated with the built environment of their neighbourhoods and cities.


Doug Gaunt, Scientist, Materials Analysis, Characterisation and Testing