Using wood products

Scion is expanding the appeal and use of wood products for construction and manufacture by increasing their cost-effectiveness and performance, and through developing new products. Read our wood products and processing solutions brochure [pdf]

Timber grading technology

Faster and more accurate segregation and grading of logs and timber is important for efficient sorting of timber before and after drying.

We have developed an automated machine stress grader that measures the stiffness of timber via acoustic waves. The A-Grader can grade green and dry timber, rough sawn and planed and handle a wide range of sizes. In 2012, over half the machine stress graders in New Zealand production were acoustic graders.

Read more about automated machine grading

Log segregation

Being able to predict the quality of the sawn lumber that can be produced from individual logs allows processors to reduce waste and maximise the quantity and quality of timber from every log. Our technology measures characteristics such as shape and pith location to select logs with superior properties.

Sawmill trials have been carried out at the Kaingaroa Processing Plant

We are also working on assessing the wood properties of standing trees. Read about DiscBot, our wood properties scanner


Doug Gaunt, Scientist, Materials Analysis, Characterisation and Testing

Innovative use of wood and wood-based products

Continued innovation in using timber, timber products and building systems ensures market access, underpins standards and adds value.

Our timber engineering expertise includes engineered or composite wood products (EWP) such as plywood, particleboard, cross laminated posts and beams and finger jointed products. Cutting and recombining wood in various configurations allows improved properties to be ‘engineered’ into wood products to meet changing demands.

The adhesive used is critical to EWP performance, processing requirements and cost structure. Scion has developed bio-based adhesives and we are well set up to test and apply these for existing and new products.

We are also working on ways to improve building acoustics when using timber, especially in multi dwelling buildings, e.g., how timber floors can be acoustically insulated to further the use of timber in low-rise apartment buildings


Doug Gaunt, Scientist, Materials Analysis, Characterisation and Testing

Testing, assistance, standards and other resources

Commercial testing and assistance is provided by our timber engineering laboratory. The laboratory also tests non-wood products. Specialist skills and independent advice are available in areas related to the structural properties and use of timber, timber grading, the design and evaluation of building systems, national and international building standard, and codes of practice.


Doug Gaunt, Scientist, Materials Analysis, Characterisation and Testing