Using wood fibres

The science and technology behind processing wood into fibres for pulp, paper, wood-plastic composites and new applications is one of Scion's research strengths. Our expertise in wood and fibre properties, processing and products has been built up in partnership with industry over many years.

Fibre sciences

Our expertise in mechanical and chemical wood pulping technologies is used to advance wood fibre production for medium density fibreboard (MDF), paper and plastic composite production.

We use our understanding of the chemical and physical properties of softwood and other resources to develop treatments to produce fibres for different applications. We also focus on how wood and pulp fibres interact with polymers as part of our program developing wood and other biomass plastic composites.

Integrating wood fibre with plastic to form biocomposites can confer specific properties such as flexibility or rigidity or moisture resistance. Our patented wood fibre “dice”, which can be dosed into plastic extruders, is being commercialised under the name Woodforce.

Supporting biorefining

Pulp and fibre plants have the potential to form the heart of biorefineries in New Zealand. We have developed a pretreatment process for woody biomass that improves the enzymatic conversion of softwoods into sugars and biofuels such as ethanol.

Fibre and pulp processing plant

Our plant is a semi-commercial scale version of a modern high-yield pulp mill with mechanical pulp refining, fibre segregation and an MDF blowline. The plant enables us to carry out research into traditional and new products and processes in a production environment.

Read about Scion's fibre and pulp processing plant [pdf]

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Karl Murton, Scientist, Process Development

Doug Gaunt, Scientist, Materials Analysis, Characterisation and Testing