International collaborations

Scion’s networks extend around the globe. Our scientists have strong international links with universities and other research institutes. This enables us to gain access to advanced scientific tools, work with some of the brightest minds internationally, and helps keep us at the forefront of innovation.

Often we work in multi-party global collaborations, and we work strategically with like organisations, such as FPInnovations in Canada and VTT in Finland.

Examples of our international collaborations are with:

  • IUFRO on forest genetics, biosecurity and management
  • VTT (Finland) on the forest industry and new bioeconomy science and technology solutions
  • Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) on the bioeconomy
  • VITO (Belgium) on global sustainability challenges
  • Korean Institute for Bioenergy Research (KIER) on thermochemical technologies for wood to biofuels
  • Cluster CLIB2021 on bioeconomy, industrial biotechnology, green chemistry.

We welcome your inquiry from overseas if you are interested in collaborating with Scion.


Florian Graichen, General Manager Forests to Biobased Products
Tara Strand, General Manager Forests and Landscapes